Welcome to what I do & how I do it ?

My name is Pallavi & I am Leadership Presence Coach & Consultant.

My practice is called Magic Lies Within. It’s based on the fundamental principle that our ‘magic’ which is our capacity to create the life we want lies ‘within’ us. No one from the outside can hand us a blueprint. Which is why you may have noticed that no matter how many books you read or pods you listen to – their effect doesn’t last.

That’s because other people’s experiences whilst inspirational, can’t be directly copy/pasted into our lives. We learn from our experiences. That’s where the magic of Leadership Presence comes in.

Your Leadership Presence is your ability to

inspire people & influence outcomes.

It’s your unique fingerprint in how you get a job done. A hugely crucial skill whether that’s in your current job or if you are looking to change jobs or careers entirely. Especially with the taking over of LLM’s (Large Language Models like Chat GPT) where all messages will look & sound the same, how do you keep yourself & your methods relevant?

And relevant, we all need to stay in order to earn a livelihood & make a splash in this one life we have got. I am on my 2nd innings after cancer & I am utterly grateful for this second stab at life.

Your Presence as a Leader (whether you have direct reports or engage with cross-functional teams as an IC) - is your best bet at staying relevant & designing your professional life in the way you desire.

This occurs by tapping into & building your capacities.

- How do you navigate conversations?

- How well do you convey your point so it lands well with the receiver?

- How often does your presence in a conversation makes it take a new turn?

- Are you able to rally people behind an idea, insist more from your colleagues or boss in a way that gives you the desired outcome?

- and so on...

In a nutshell, your Leadership Presence is your HOW. How do you get work done.

Organisations, start-ups & businesses – don’t need ‘workers’ but leaderswho can ‘get work done’ now more than ever. Your prowess lies in becoming acutely sharp at your ‘HOW’ & hit the ground running.

What is working with me like?

Focussed, generative & outcome based.

I bring 3 components to each coaching or consulting conversation. My years in the corporate world in leadership roles across countries & cultures, my professional training as a coach & the resilience and tenacity I built in outliving cancer.

In consulting we roll our sleeves up & get to brain-storming. In coaching, I hold the space for ‘you’ & use relevant questions that move you forward.

We go right down to brass tacks – crafting responses, distilling & structuring your thoughts. No more back & forth.

Both experiences are highly personalized. Things happen at your pace attuned to your operating style (not a copy/paste from a book) which is precisely what catapults your progress.

What are some of my long standing clients saying ?

"I had the pleasure of working with Pallavi over the past 6 months, and her impact on my professional development has been invaluable. Pallavi possesses a rare combination of deep expertise in leadership development and an innate ability to connect with individuals on a personal level. Pallavi’s coaching style is both supportive and challenging, creating an environment where I felt encouraged to explore my strengths and address areas for improvement. Through thought-provoking discussions and targeted exercises, Pallavi helped me gain clarity on my goals and have also empowered me with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. I am confident that Pallavi will make a positive impact on any individual fortunate enough to work with."

Kavitha Karthik

VP Product

“Pallavi was very perceptive in my consultation session. I was representing my small firm at a roundtable event. It was my first time & I was not very comfortable. Pallavi helped me brainstorm the identity I wanted to walk in with into the room & then we practiced my introduction & overall presence. There were aspects of my presence she brought to my notice as an observer that I would not have recognized on my own. Two very productive sessions & now I am set. I am an introvert & I like my quiet calm sense of confidence. Those two sessions brought me home to myself.”


Introverted Creative

Your Leadership Presence is the currency that will never deplete, run out & will always serve you whichever organization you work for or a career you choose for yourself. Interested?

Magic Lies Within provides Leadership Coaching to new & established Leaders to systematically & strategically build their Leadership Presence. It is built on the belief that your magic “lies within you”, I support you in leveraging it so you can create the Professional Success you want for yourself.


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