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Boost your Leadership Presence to come across as a

clear-minded leader who knows how to get work done, build a network & impact business outcomes.

You are a smart, thoughtful, driven leader with 15+ years in the corporate world. You have seen the ups & downs of corporate life. Now mid-career you feel your professional life has hit a bump & is not moving as you thought it would. You are not happy with the sense of stagnation. Your desire to grow is not letting you accept this status quo. You value your professional success & are unwilling to throw in the towel. But you can't put your finger on what you need to change, adapt or tweak. If you are anywhere in this frame of reference then....

... it's time to hit refresh on your Leadership Presence

Your Leadership Presence is your 'capacity' to inspire people & influence outcomes. It's your unique fingerprint in how you get work done. A crucial capacity to build, in a world where LLMs (large language models) are taking over. How do you differentiate yourself, make yourself recession proof & find meaning in the work you do?

Your starting point will inevitably be unique to you.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to change gears:

- How do I create an impact with senior stakeholders?

- I can’t seem to build a trusted network of supporters.

- I will not admit this openly, but I don’t feel valued at work.

- Getting through to people does not feel easy.

- My boss likes to keep everyone happy & is not my supporter.

- I am losing confidence in myself.

- I want to get my teams to work collaboratively.

- How do I nail my next interview?

- Not sure how do I differentiate myself from my peers?

- Can I insist more from my boss without alienating them?

- How do I generate respect with my peers?

- My conflicts don’t go anywhere.

- How do I become memorable with senior leadership?

- Inspiring & influencing people does not come naturally to me.

Work with me

You can work with me in two ways

1-on-1 Coaching

Solution focussed, outcome based partnering.

You value your professional success & are fiercely interested in figuring out how to stay relevant, inspire people & influence outcomes.

You are willing & ready to hit refresh on your leadership presence.

1-on-1 Advisory Consultation

Rapid & direct solution on a work problem.

If you are feeling stuck in the midst of either an urgent problem that has suddenly cropped up or you have spent numerous unproductive days (& nights) thinking about a problem & are not getting any clearer, then a consultation is a great next step.

My name is Pallavi. I am an Leadership Presence Coach & Consultant.

I help corporate leaders build a rock solid presence, feel valued & become recession proof.

I bring my corporate leadership experience across countries, cultures & 3 complete career transformations. I bring tools & techniques from my professional training as a coach. I also bring elements of resilience & tenacity that I built in outliving cancer. But most of all I bring a warm confident presence to hold a judgement-free space for you.

Together we co-create strategies & tactics attuned to your operating style, at your pace with future focussed targetted plans.

Magic Lies Within provides Leadership Coaching to new & established Leaders to systematically & strategically build their Leadership Presence. It is built on the belief that your magic “lies within you”, I support you in leveraging it so you can create the Professional Success you want for yourself.


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